No Dice
by Badfinger
compiled by Tom Brennan
last update: September 25, 2014

No Dice LP cover
recorded: April-August, 1970
at Abbey Road Studios & Trident Studios, London
produced by: Geoff Emerick (*Mal Evans)
engineered by: John Kurlander & Richard Lush
thanks to: Fergie, Nick and Bill
original sleeve design by Gene Mahon and Richard LiLello [alternate cover photo of model]
photographs by Richard DiLello

U.S. release on November 9, 1970 on Apple SKAO-3367 [cover shown above & gatefold shown below]
commerical 4-track stereo reel-to-reel tape on Apple (manufactured by Ampex) [front of box with tape reel | front of box with top edge shown | back of box]
U.K. release on November 27, 1970 on Apple SAPCOR 16.

No Dice centerfold
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Side One:
I Can't Take It
I Don't Mind
Love Me Do
Midnight Caller
No Matter What*
Without You
Side Two:
Pete Ham : "This is all about love spoons. They make them in Wales. It's like an ornamental spoon which you give to your girlfriend as a proposal."
Better Days
Tom Evans: "It's all about the relationship between young and old."
It Had To Be
Watford John
Believe Me*
We're For The Dark
Pete Ham lifted the title from Shakespeare's "Anthony and Cleopatra" play, from Act 5, Scene 2.
excerpt) Iras: "Finish, good lady. The bright day is done, and we are for the dark."
thanks to Keith James (Badfinger File issue 17, page 16)

8-track tape
Apple 8XT-3367

No Dice  8-track  (still sealed)
Program 1:
I Can't Take It
Love Me Do
Better Days
Program 2:
It Had To Be
Midnight Caller
Without You
Program 3:
Watford John
No Matter What
Program 4:
I Don't Mind
Believe Me
We're For The Dark

Badfinger in river in Wales
U.S. CD release on June 30, 1992 on Apple CDP 7 98698 2.
Reissue digitally mastered and researched by Ron Furmanek
Digitally remastered at Abbey Road Studios, London, England, October 1991
engineered by: Mike Jarratt
mastered from the original 2-track stereo master mix tapes
"Get Down" and "Friends Are Hard To Find" are mixed for stereo from the 8-track master session tapes by Ron Furmanek and Mike Jarratt
Reissue package by Phil Smee at Waldo's Design
Sleeve notes by Steve Kolanjian

1992 CD Bonus Tracks:
Get Down
Friends Are Hard To Find (a.k.a. Photograph)
Mean Mean Jemima
Loving You
I'll Be The One

No Dice 2010 CD cover frontNo Dice 2010 CD cover back
U.S. CD release on October 25, 2010
on Apple (5099990580727) [CD label]
Remastered by Guy Massey, Steve Rooke, Sam Okell from the original 2-track stereo master mix tapes
Abbey Road Project Coordinator: Allan Rouse
Audio Restoration: Simon Gibson
Album Reissue Producers: Andy Davis, Mike Heatley
EMI Project Manager: Guy Hayden
Tea, sympathy and guidance: Jeff Jones, Jonathan Clyde & Garth Tweedale
Notes by Andy Davis
Special thanks to Joey Molland & Geoff Emerick
Album Re-design: Darren Evans
Apple archive management: Aaron Bremner
Photo & memorabilia research: Carl Bigmore, Dorcas Lynn, Andy Davis & Jeremy Colebrooke

2010 CD Bonus Tracks:
13. I Can't Take It [previously unreleased extended version] produced by Geoff Emerick
14. Without You [previously unreleased studio demo version, mono] produced by Mal Evans
15. Photograph (previously released as Friends Are Hard To Find) [
alternate extended stereo mix] produced by Mal Evans
16. Believe Me [previously unreleased alternative version] produced by Mal Evans
17. No Matter What [previously unreleased studio demo version, mono] produced by Mal Evans

Download-only bonus tracks:
Love Me Do [instrumental version] produced by Geoff Emerick
Get Down [previously unreleased long version, stereo]
produced by Mal Evans
Badfinger, alternate photo to No Dice LP center gatefold

Foreign pressings:

No Dice (orange cover) from Australia
Australian LP cover

Argentina (1970) on Apple [front cover (stereo) | front cover (mono) (promotes "No Matter What")]
Brazil (1971) on Apple APCOR 16
[front cover and side 2 label (mono) | label side 1 | label side 2]
China [partial front cover]
Korea (1972) [front cover ("Without You" promoted on cover)]
Japan on Apple [front cover and side 1 (red vinyl, Apple label) | full cover for white label promo | side 1 red vinyl with white label]
Mexico on Apple [front cover | back cover]
Philippines on Parlophone [front cover and side 1 | back cover and side 2]

Japan (February 23, 2005) on Apple TOCP-67563 (CD in mini-LP format) [front cover | back cover]

Album reviews:
Billboard: December 1970
Rolling Stone: December 2, 1970
Young Living '70: December 2, 1970
Springfield Union: December 10, 1970
Disc & Music Echo: December 19, 1970
Record Mirror: December 19, 1970
Rock: January 11, 1971

Changes: February 1971
Creem: March 1971
thanks to Dan Matovina
Hartford Courant: March 6, 1971 thanks to Kenneth Tomasi

No Dice radio spot tape box

U.S. radio spot (60 seconds), as aired on WMCA-AM in New York City: November 26, 1970

Rolling Stone ad (U.S.): full size | close-up sections
Disc ad (U.K.), December 14, 1970

No Dice songbook:
Pete Ham, from No Dice songbookTom Evans, from No Dice songbookJoey Molland, from No Dice songbookMike Gibbins, from No Dice songbook
Badfinger portraits ©Apple Corps Ltd./Badfinger
thanks to Dan Matovina, photography by Richard DiLello

Special thanks to Paul Ottaway for the scan of the Australian No Dice cover, Brando for the No Dice ad, and Mark V. Perkins for the No Dice songbook scans.

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