January 10, 1970 (Saturday)
Glasgow University Union Club
Glasgow, Scotland, U.K.

I met Joe Molland just after he joined the band at Glasgow University Union Club; the band were traveling with Bill Collins that evening. I think the date was 10th January 1970. They had appeared on a BBC radio show the day before, Radio One Club. I went along to that and met them, as I was only 16 at the time I knew we probably wouldn't get into the venue. Also, we didn't know anyone who could sign us in (it was a students club). Tom and Pete said it wouldn't be a problem and told us to meet them there. We did so and they took us in with them. They did a long set that night. I can't give the details at the moment; I have them written in an autograph book that I have mislaid for the moment, but I will find it, and pass on the info in it. Autographs in the book are of all the guys, also one from Bill Collins, and Ian Ferguson, "Fergie" their roadie. When they played the Electric Garden [on January 9] they stayed with Ian's Mum quite near where we lived. After the University gig, Tom and Joey dropped off Pete and Mike, and took us home in their brand new van that The Beatles had bought for them, white with blacked-out windows, and a row of aircraft seats in the front. They were so talented and the nicest bunch of guys you could ever meet.

Geri McGuckin
(Glasgow, Scotland)

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