March 24, 1970 (Tuesday)
Gaumont Cinema
Wolverhampton, England, U.K.

My name is Tony Wilkinson, I now live just outside Ann Arbor, MI, USA. I was born in Wolverhampton England in the mid '50s. I attended the March 24th, 1970, Badfinger, Pitney, Rodgers package tour on that Tuesday in March with a friend (Keith Darby). In your concert file you stated that the show was at the Odeon cinema, but in actual fact this show was at the Gaumont Cinema on Snow Hill. There were four large one screen cinemas in town at that time: ABC, Clifton, Odeon and Gaumont. To the best of my recollection, only the Gaumont ever had concerts (shows). This is where I saw The Four Tops, Morcambe & Wise, and is also where The Beatles, Yardbirds, Buddy Holly, Gene Vincent, Herman's Hermits, etc, played; it was a very large cinema with a stage (that if memory serves) was bigger than Wolverhampton Civic Hall. It's gone now, of course, and everything else was turned into multi-screens long ago.

Tony Wilkinson
(Ann Arbor, MI - formerly of Wolverhampton, England)

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