October 11, 1970 (Sunday)
Gym, Sauk Valley College
Dixon, Illinois, U.S.A.

Tom Evans's Aunt Grace (his mother May's sister) lived in Illinois in 1970 and came to this gig at Sauk Valley College with her husband and four boys. Grace was 10 years older than Tom.

Grace: "I pushed the band a lot on the radio station before they came into town. I took all of my boys to that show. In order of age in the pictures it was Mark, Michael, Matthew, and Mitchell. We met them before the show at my house. The little girls were from Rockford, Illinois. They lived across the street from me.The college was about fifteen minutes away, in a car.

They performed very well. The crowd reacted very favorably. There were a lot of groupies. The photos in the bus were taken after the show. They did come back to my house, spent a night there, and we all drank wine. My husband got out a bunch of glasses and Tommy said, "Oh, you collect these!?" and we laughed, because my husband was a Bausch and Lomb salesman. We took some pictures in my backyard before they left.

It's been twenty years since Tommy passed away. I can still see him in Liverpool on my lap, with a patch over his glasses. He was such a sensitive man; a lovely man."

Tom, Mike and Pete backstage, Sauk Valley College, 1970
backstage at Sauk Valley Colege
from left to right: girl #1 (neighbor of Aunt Grace), Tom Evans, Tom's cousin Mitchell (on drums), Tom's cousin Matthew (behind Mike), Mike Gibbins, Pete Ham, girl #2 (neighbor of Aunt Grace)

Tom's cousin, Pete, and Mike backstage at Sauk Valley College, 1970
backstage at Sauk Valley College
from left to right: Tom's cousin Matthew, Pete Ham, Mike Gibbins

Tom Evans onstage at Sauk Valley College, October 11, 1970
onstage at Sauk Valley College
Tom Evans, Mike on drums behind him, and Pete in the background (far right)

Bill Collins and Tom Evans, with Fergie on tour bus, October 11, 1970
on the tour bus
Bill Collins, Tom Evans; Fergie (Badfinger roadie) in the 2nd row

Badfinger tour bus, October 11, 1970
on the tour bus
left to right: unknown man reading, Bill Collins, Tom's cousin Matthew (in gold shirt), Tom Evans; Fergie in the 2nd row (far right); Joey Molland in back seat holding acoustic guitar

Bill Collins and Tom Evans outside Sauk Valley College, 1970
in the backyard of Tom's Aunt Grace's house (October 12, 1970):
Bill Collins (sitting with dog), Tom's cousin Mitchell (green shirt), Tom Evans, Tom's cousin Mark (back), Tom's cousin Matthew (gold shirt, in front), and Tom's cousin Michael (far right in striped shirt)

Badfinger at SVC article, signred by Tom Evans to his 10-year old cousin

Sauk College article signed by Tom Evans to cousin:
"To my wonderful little ten year old cousin who should go far in life if he keeps on walking. Love, Tom"

photos from Tom Evans's Aunt Grace
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