October 25, 1970
cafeteria, Creighton University
Omaha, Nebraska, U.S.A.

Scott McCarl of "Raspberries" fame did an interview with Randy Justesen back in 1998...

The first time I saw Badfinger, they played Creighton University in the cafeteria. They set up on these small risers. They weren't more than 18 inches off the floor. Virtually no one was there that night because they weren't known yet. The Beatles connection, obviously any Beatles fans had picked up on them. It was a couple hundred people maximum and we were right up front. They had Orange amps and Wem amps, both English makes I believe, as opposed to the Vox's that you might have expected. They had little bitty amps and miked stuff through the PA system. I think the 1st time we had maybe had seen that, especially in a small venue like that. Boy did it sound good! Mike had the little chain hanging off the hi-hat to give that great sound as he rides the hi-hat. We spoke with them afterward. It wasn't like they just dashed off... It was very low key. I don't remember what we spoke about, but it was a magic moment, to hear them that close up and talk to them. It was kind of snowy icy evening and their crew were kind of scared to carry their stuff down the stairs to the truck afterward. We helped and packed 'em out of there.

Scott McCarl

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