November 10, 1970
Depew High School
Depew, New York, U.S.A.

I was lucky enough to see the band Live at Depew NY High School in Nov 1970. "No Matter What" was still a big hit & they played the song 3 times that night!!! We were all quite impressed with the band. I remember seeing photos of the show in the 1971 Year Book. Does anyone out there have a copy to loan me? [yearbook photos 1; yearbook photos 2]

Update, December 12, 2001:
My friend Denise Bednarzyk got Pete Ham's autograph and asked him what kind of cologne he wore; he replied: English Leather. After the show, I heard the band all jumped into the school pool!!!

Update, December 13, 2001:
"No Matter What" was played once during their set and twice as an encore. I remember that we all rushed toward the stage for the last one!! I was about 10 feet from the stage at that point. I also
remember their stage equipment being: 2 Vox AC-30 amps for the guitars on chrome stands just like The Beatles used, and the bass played thru a Sound City stack. Their P.A. was a WEM system. Pete played his Gibson SG guitar, which was given to him by George Harrison (used in the "Paperback Writer" video), an acoustic guitar, and grand piano. Tom had a Fender bass and Joey played his gold top Les Paul Deluxe. That's about all I can remember at this point. This was the 2nd rock concert which I had attended. I was 16 years old. I also had a concert poster, which hung on my bedroom wall for quite some time. Unfortunately, it wound up in the trash! I may have a photo of it somewhere!

Paul Kriedeman

I was at the Depew High School concert on November 10, 1970 and very distinctly remember Pete Ham playing a black Les Paul, because I had an identical guitar at home. I went home and taught myself the solo to Blodwyn.

Mike Buckley [October 22, 2014]

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