March 6, 1971 (Saturday)
Brogden Hall, New Hanover High School
Wilmington, North Carolina, U.S.A.

I am a first generation Beatles fan and collector, and thus became familiar with Badfinger from its early association with Apple records. I was a Badfinger fan from the instant I heard Come And Get It, and remember well buying No Dice at a Sears & Roebuck store the day it hit the shelves in November 1970.

I was a senior at New Hanover High School in Wilmington, North Carolina when Badfinger came to our town on March 6, 1971. They played at Brogden Hall on our campus and, surprisingly, were not the bill toppers... at least not officially. The concert opened with a bluegrass band called Goose Creek (McKendrie Spring was not on the bill). Badfinger was to follow Goose Creek, but the band's plane was late getting into town, compelling The Grass Roots to take the stage earlier than expected. The Grass Roots were the main draw at that show, although I had come to see Badfinger.

Badfinger played a rousing set, including the Rock 'N' Roll medley at the end. They were fantastic! Sadly, most attendees did not know Badfinger at that time and if they did, it was because of Come And Get It. When the band failed to play their biggest hit that night, many fans began to filter out of Brogden Hall before Badfinger had even finished their set. I was angry on the one hand, because I thought it was disrespectful to the band, but glad on the other because my fellow students' ignorance enabled me to move right up in front of stage for the final few songs. By then, the real music fans were rockin' and rollin' to the beat!

Chris Fonvielle

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