April 18, 1971
Southern Connecticut State College
New Haven, Connecticut, U.S.A.

In April 1971, I was able to see Badfinger at Southern Connecticut State College (now Southern Connecticut State University). The show was held at the Lyman Auditorium and cost $2. Seats were first come first serve and I sat to the left facing the stage. Two warm-up bands played before Badfinger. I was there because growing up as a Beatle fan, I had purchased "Come And Get It" and then later "No Matter What" which was the song that I was waiting to hear.

When Badfinger came on stage, there was applause but most of the audience appeared to be there out of curiosity. The main thing I remember of the show was that the microphones went out in the middle of the concert. Badfinger jammed for about 20 minutes while their crew fixed the problem. I remember the band appearing pretty happy on stage, smiling, talking with each other even during the equipment problem. The last song they performed was We're For The Dark. After the show, I saw Mal Evans standing in one of the aisles talking to two men. He was in a suit and I think he was their road manager at the time. I spoke briefly with him, more about the Beatles than anything else. The next day I bought "Magic Christian Music" and "No Dice".

John Schiraj

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