April 26, 1971 (Monday)
Memorial Hall
Joplin, Missouri, U.S.A.

A most memorable concert is what I remember. My Dark Hour was the opening number. I believe Name Of The Game was introduced as a comment of life behind the Iron Curtain. No Matter What was performed well into the program; I remember Tommy clapping his hands over his head at the opening chords. Little Richard and Chuck Berry numbers were performed in encore. I remember seeing the "Magic Bus", the former Greyhound Bus later owned by The Coal Miners Daughter out back of the Memorial Hall. There was an incredible hail storm about an hour after the concert, that covered the ground in golf ball sized ice balls. I have an old friend in Joplin who most likely still has a cassette taped recording of this great concert. There was no piano, and few lighting effects. The P.A. system was what seems like and endless stack of speakers, that seemed on the verge of collapse the entire time. Either Joey or Tommy at one point cautioned some people just in front to please be very careful. I was young, just 14. I became a dreamer myself and played guitar and bass in many bands, inspired by the spirit of the four man group that had just so recently recorded "No Dice", a cherished Christmas gift just a few months earlier. We All Love Badfinger.

Ron Butler

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