June 29, 1972 (Thursday)
Lyons Township High School
LaGrange, Illinois, U.S.A.

Went with my older brother & we actually did record the 3 acts: Kindred, McKendree Spring & Badfinger.  Kindred seemed a little like Jefferson Airplane to me.  McKendree Spring had a violin hooked up with pickup and played with FX... really cool Down By The River, I remember. Badfinger opened with Better Days. They didn't play anything from Magic Christian Music.  There was a moment of pause between songs where someone yelled Come And Get It, and I could hear my brother on the tape say "go da hell" and I think Joey onstage says: "you've got your offer" to one of the others. From No Dice: besides Better Days, there was No Matter What, We're For The Dark on acoustics where the drummer came forward... trying to recall if he did congas or some clicky hand percussion wood blocks? Pretty sure they did Love Me Do & I Can't Take It.  Straight Up tunes: Sweet Tuesday Morning, Suitcase, Day After Day and Baby Blue. Molland messed up the last note in the Baby Blue solo... a full step too high and recovered down to the right note. It definitely sounded like a mistake rather than an enhancement.  They played Feelin' Alright. I think Lucille was a part of a rock 'n' roll medley that might've been attached to I Can't Take It. Sadly, my tape of the show is gone. I think that tape was mixed in with a lot of ancient, less valuable tapes and I didn't really think about that one being in there.

Daniel Hudelson (May 11, 2014)

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