July 2, 1972 (Sunday)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

The July 2, 1972 concert was at the Spectrum in Philadelphia. I remember Joey had a cast on his wrist, but still played well. I remember Peter at the piano, and I think he did Take It All. It was around the time The Beatles were broken up and there was a void. When I heard about the Badfinger show I was really excited since I was familiar with their music and had the Magic Christian and No Dice albums... I did know they did some work with John and George and that Paul and George did some producing for them. At this time there were rumors going around that Paul and Joey were brothers or half-brothers and that Paul was going to show up at the Badfinger show... Paul never did show up but the show was really good, I was impressed and I was glad I got to hear the band live.... do remember feeling it would be worth it to see them again...I've been a fan ever since. They helped fill the void.

Andy Urbanek

My wife and I were at the Badfinger concert in Philadelphia on July 2, 1972 at the Spectrum. The headline band was The Faces but we were there to see Badfinger. We had fairly good seats and I remember being awestruck by the speaker array onstage. It was a long time ago but I remember the band joking around quite a bit. Joey had a cast and made a gesture that implied he hurt his wrist while jacking off. The band sounded great and played most all of my favorite songs. I remember Baby Blue, No Matter What and Day After Day. I was initially intrigued with Badfinger because of the Beatles connection but grew to love them for their own talent and writing capabilities. I was in a rock band and we played several Badfinger songs as part of our sets. After Badfinger was through The Faces came out. They evidently found the volume knob because the loudness was deafening. We left half-way through their concert with a throbbing headache. For me, Badfinger shined that evening.

Bob Palumbo

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