July 23, 1972 (Sunday)
Steel Pier, The Boardwalk
Atlantic City, New Jersey, U.S.A.

My wife (at the time) and me were weekending in AC at a hotel from our home in Philadelphia. We knew Badfinger was playing so we planned to see the show. I had been to Steel Pier when I was about 5 and was shocked at how decrepit it had become. The place was an entertainment complex with a movie, access to the ocean (changing room and showers), arcade which included feeding live chickens electronically, and a vaudeville-like scenario.

There were several venues and I was shocked to find that Badfinger was going to be playing outside in a small chain linked fenced-in area facing the beach with a few rows of bleachers. If you came in thru the main Steel Pier Entrance into the building this was on the right side of the main building - it was not on the main outdoor stage which was over the water and where the horses jumped. I would say this was a jury-rigged area of sorts and perhaps short lived.

We were the only contemporary fans in the audience of LESS THAN 50. I believe they played at least twice that day. We saw them about 3 P.M. Most people at Steel Pier were tourists; they bought tickets for the day and followed the schedule from feature to feature. I believe the movie was the big event, but there may have been some other more mainstream performances inside as well. I was 23 at the time and it was all families in the audience with us there to gawk. At that time, I had never been to a show that wasn't all young freaks (hippies) as we called ourselves at the time.

Meanwhile, the time had come and the band wasn't there. In short order, I noticed a couple of young guys in cut-off jeans running from the beach soaking wet. I forget if they climbed the fence or came through a door. It wasn't much of a fence... and it was the band. Wet hair, no shirts, a quick towel dry and on to the show. It wasn't much. I do remember an acknowledging look, I think from Tom, but a short well-played set and that was it.

Rick Hoffman

I live about one hour from Atlantic City, NJ. It was the late 1960's or early 70's and my mother took me, my brother and some friends to the Steel Pier at Atlantic City, NJ. The Pier isn't there anymore [note: The Steel Pier is still there, it just may look different than before] but I was able to see and hear the original group Badfinger at Steel Pier way back then. Thanks Mom! I also saw the Stones, The Shondels, The Four Seasons and many other groups over the years there. I must admit that seeing Badfinger was the best concert I ever saw at the Steel Pier. It was a small area.. about 3,000 people. My mom even got to meet some of the members. I know they had a hit or two out at the time. I know there are some people out there who remember Steel Pier. The tickets were $1.50 each. That included the concert, 3 movies and the famous diving horse which dove into the Atlantic Ocean plus about 20 other things to do and see. I'll never forget my encounter with a great group...BADFINGER.

Note: exact date this memory relates to from this week is unknown

Frank Gibson

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