August 1, 1972
Memorial Field House
Huntington, West Virginia, U.S.A.

I saw Badfinger at Huntington, WV in the 70's. I enjoyed them a great deal, but was disappointed that their live sound was quite different than their studio sound. I was also irritated because Joey kept talking to someone at the back of the stage and missed several harmony parts because he would show up at the mike late. I was very far away, but I think they had a different drummer on that tour which also contributed to a style change. Overall, however in spite of some of my disappointments, I really did enjoy the show and for some reason when they did their R&R finale I thought that that was as close to a Beatle sound-alike band as I was going to see.

John Gallagher

I saw them first on August 1, 1972 ( I was 14 years old and it was my first concert ever) in Huntington, WV at the Memorial Field House (opening act was called Kindred--I thought they were awful but the local paper loved them as I recall). My older brother and a buddy of his went as well, but not with me! They didn't want little brother hanging around, so I ended up going with 3 older high school girls. How much better could it get!!?? Well, as it turns out, quite a bit better.

We got to Huntington early that day and somehow I convinced the girls that we should go to the venue and see if we could run into the band. I recall going inside and someone there told me the band was staying at a local Holiday Inn. So, off we went to the hotel. Amazingly, they were sitting at the bar right off of the lobby with their tour manager (Danny Aharoni) and so we went over and sat with them and talked. I don't recall much specifically except that Pete was wearing this incredible watch with the Apple Records logo on the face---it was very cool. Unfortunately, my brother's recollection that Pete gave me the watch is not true. I did get autographs though. I did later run an errand (I believe I took a set list up to one of the lighting people) for Mr. Aharoni and was invited backstage after the show. If I am not mistaken, Mike was not with the band then. Everyone was incredibly nice to me. It was really a dream come true for a young kid who absolutely worshipped the Beatles (Badfinger was a close 2nd).

Greg Boone

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