August 3, 1972
Municipal Auditorium
Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.

That night in August 1972 was a great evening for sure. We knew a guy who worked at a record store in town, and he pulled us the best tickets they were given. This was way before electronic sales like TicketMaster and such. The City Auditorium was packed! It held about 3,000 people, and I was fortunate enough to land 3rd row seats 3&4 off the center aisle! The opening number, Better Days, totally blew us away! We thought Badfinger would come out and just play soft & easy, not knowing they'd come out blasting! I remember Joey broke a string during that first number, and a roadie came out with another guitar, exactly like the one he was playing, and they continued... The performance was LOUD! We couldn't hear for the next 2 days. The end of the concert, Mike twirled and tossed a drumstick right at my area, and the fellow next to me pushed me out of the way and snatched it! When we left the arena, people were buzzed about how well the show went... Oh, to be able to live that night again! I've seen lots of concerts in my days, but that City Auditoruiun show in 1972 was one of the BEST concerts we went to!

Taylor Dickson (2007)

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