August 4, 1972
Macon, Georgia, U.S.A.

The very first concert I saw was in 1972. It was Badfinger at the Macon, GA Coliseum. I was 17 and was a diehard Beatles fan. Still am. I have two very distinct memories of the show. The first was of Rob Stawinski playing stand-up bongos on We're For The Dark. It was the bonding moment of Badfinger and myself. It remains my favorite Badfinger song along with Apple Of My Eye to come later on the "Ass" album. The second was just after the last song was played. There was a portable sectional partition separating backstage and the main arena. I stuck my head and arm through. Tom, Pete, Rob and Joey were just walking past. When I peeked through the partition, Tom lagged behind to shake my hand. Pete, Joey and Rob did not turn their heads. Tom stopped and shook my hand as I quickly told him how much I enjoyed the show. Other memories of the overall experience were that the stage was not very well lit and I do remember that it was the first event that I noticed a certain smell was floating about. The band was spot on. I learned to appreciate their talent more, especially Pete's. You don't stand next to George Harrison at the Bangla Desh concert performing unless you have IT!!!

The remaining conundrum is that I do not recall Bloodrock in Macon. It SEEMS like I would remember such a morbid themed act.

Bob Clouston (2007)

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