August 5, 1972 (Saturday)
Bell Auditorium
Augusta, Georgia, U.S.A.

They were on the Straight Up tour...opened with Better Days from No Dice...later played Baby Blue and Day After Day. Jammed on Only You Know And I Know (Dave Mason) Pete did not sing lead til the third song, which I thought was super cool as he was THE VOICE. He stayed far back from his mic during the first two songs as if he was just the lead player! Mike Gibbins the drummer was not there and had a replacement. The drummer came out and played congas on We're For the Dark, which was totally sublime. My mom rented them a grand from Turner's Keyboards (which Pete started to play on Take it All) but gave up due to amplification or monitor problems. He never tried it again, and even on Day After Day, Pete played that cool piano lick on his guitar! There are numerous boots from this era that mirror this set list almost song for song.(Try BBC Concert 1972-73) Afterwards, I went to the east side of the Bell and waited for Pete to come out. We shook hands, and I told him that I worked at a sheet music store and that we were selling the daylights out of Without You. He seemed shocked that I knew that he and Tom had written the song! Told him it was one of the most beautiful songs that I had ever heard. He could not have been more gracious. Tom did make an announcement that someone's keys had been found and joked that if they wanted them back they had to "come and get it!" He sang the first two lines, laughed, and they went into the next number. As the band left in a station wagon I yelled 'hey Joey!' and he waved back, as the car turned the corner and soon was out of sight. It was a great night, and the band was fabulous.

Ed Turner (2011)

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