February 3, 1973 (Saturday)
Calvert Hall College High School Gym
Towson, Maryland, U.S.A.

The band's 1973 concerts I attended were all college dates, and one was virtually indistinguishable from the next. But my most memorable moment was hearing "Timeless" for the first time, in the February 3 show at Towson State College, near Baltimore. (Remember: at this point, there was no new album, although the guys said that they would play a few songs from an upcoming album.) It was the first time that I'd seen Pete demonstrate such a level of intensity in his guitar, during that extended solo. I was simply blown away. My friends who accompanied me on that trip agreed with me that Pete was every bit as worthy of being classified in the same guitar impresario category as Eric Clapton, George Harrison... or even Jimi Hendrix, based on how we heard the music.

Badfinger's music had gone to a new level, and any comparison to The Beatles (which was always overblown back then, and was so unfair) was null and void, in my opinion.

Debbie Randolph Harrison (2004)

My cousin who was also a classmate in high school found a picture of Badfinger when they appeared at Calvert Hall. The date of the concert was 2/3/1973. They played inside our gymnasium. The lighting in the picture is natural. I imagine he couldn’t get too close, since I doubt that personal photographs were permitted.

There is a posting from a “Debbie Randolph Harrison” concerning the concert. It seems there was always a lot of confusion about the venue for this concert. Debbie mentions that the concert was performed at nearby Towson University (formerly known as Towson State College).

Badfinger actually played at Calvert Hall College High School, 8102 LaSalle Road, Towson, MD 21286. The school had a reputation for featuring big name acts for the student body. Several Motown groups appeared at Calvert Hall during the 1960s. I believe that trouble arose at one of these concerts (although only Calvert Hall students (an all male school) and their dates or girls from nearby Catholic high schools were permitted to attend). The Badfinger concert was the first concert Calvert Hall held since the '60s. Despite the success of the event, they have never staged another national act.

The band assumed that they were playing for a college audience. I understand that they were perturbed when they found out that Calvert Hall was a high school. To further aggravate the group, I understand that the light show (see ticket stub) was more “pyrotechnics than lights”. God only knows why the fire marshal permitted this. I do not recall any specifics, but Badfinger was not pleased.

Despite some of the bumps in the road, the concert was a big success. No trouble was reported. Badfinger was terrific.

Jim Considine (2007)

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