February 9, 1973 (Friday)
Frostburg State College
Frostburg, Maryland, U.S.A.

It was Feb. 9, 1973, a cold winter night. Frostburg, MD lived up to her name which is known for cold weather to us western Marylanders. My brothers Rusty, Ronnie and I went to see Badfinger and we kind of pushed our way through 'til we got right up in front of the stage. The band played two shows that night. I can't remember the times, but we went to the second show. They played for two hours and you could feel the band's energy in the crowd. They joked around and had fun with the crowd. Joey was doing a solo and busted a string and I won't say what he said, but he kept playing smoothly through the problem. Pete's and Tom's vocals where really great that night. Mike's drums sounded great. I was only in the sixth grade and I can remember them playing Baby Blue, Day After Day, No Matter What, Take It All, I Can't Take It, Long Tall Sally and the last song was Timeless. My brother said they played 17 songs that evening. After the concert the roadies were taking the stage down, and I saw a tambourine laying beside Mike's drums, so I snuck up and grabbed it. As i was coming off the stage, a nice looking woman grabbed me and took it off of me and said, "nice try." I think it was Kathie Molland!

Timmy Kunis

I remember traveling by train with a friend to the mountains of Frostburg, MD to catch the show at Frostburg State College, more than two hours from Washington D.C. I didn't realize how far away it was. We took a taxi to the campus for the gig, but we needed a lift back to the hotel in nearby Cumberland, MD, since there were no midnight trains back to the "big city."

I remember thinking that I could ask [Badfinger roadie] Fergie for help, and I did. He was a man of his word. We got a ride back to town in a station wagon with some of the equipment, driven by a local roadie who worked that one show. Do you know how cold it can be up the mountains? Frostburg was aptly named. It was terrifically cold that night. I'll be forever grateful for Fergie's kindness.

Debbie Randolph Harrison

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