February 23, 1973
Hara Arena
Dayton, Ohio, U.S.A.

The people mentioned at the start are my brother (my concert buddy) and 3 of my high-school friends...
"Fri., Feb. 23, 1973 - Dave, Sue, Terri, Sherri and I went to see The Guess Who/Badfinger concert at Hara Arena! It was fantastic!! I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT!! I liked Badfinger better than The Guess Who. The Guess Who were fantastic, but I didn't like the lead singer's stage show. But I loved his voice, and I love their music! Badfinger were just super-fantastic!! I yelled "Hey, Joey!" at Joey Molland of Badfinger and he turned around, and when he found me, he smiled and pointed his finger at me!! He's beautiful! He's got Paul McCartney eyes (which are big and beautiful!) They're from London, England, and they all had tuff accents! Both groups played fantastic rock-n-roll! I LOVED IT ALL!! We got a Guess Who guitar pick and an autograph from their bass player (Bill Wallace)! IT WAS SOOO NEAT!!"
After reading my diary entry, I do remember trying to catch Joey's eye. It seems like I yelled at the others, too, but couldn't get their attention. I'm sure I was well into the music, as I loved "No Dice" &"Straight Up." The only other thing I remember is that The Guess Who threw oranges out into the audience! I probably remember that because I thought it was a strange thing to do.

Peggy Burneka - Dear Diary.... February 23, 1973 (age 17)

My name is Sue Combs and I am an old friend of Peggy Burneka. I have known Peg since our early grade school years and a dearer soul you could never know. You have quite a dedicated supporter in Peg...I hope you know that! It was with Peg, her brother Dave and two other friends that I saw Badfinger in February of 1973. I can still remember that show so clearly. It was my first "real" rock concert and the first time I had seen a British band live. I was so smitten with Pete Ham before we went and spent almost the entire concert watching his every movement. Yes, I was but a silly high school girl but he was mesmerizing! He smiled at me a few times and what a warm smile he had. What a warm soul.... such a talent, such a heart. I also remember all too well the day I heard he was gone.

Sue Combs

I saw Badfinger on Feb. 24, 1973. The venue was Hara Arena; they opened for the Guess Who. About half the crowd booed The Guess Who when they came on because they wanted more of Badfinger.

Bill Bowling

I became a fan in 1970 via the Beatle connection, but the songs all stand on their own. I was able to buy all the records on vinyl as they were released, "Magic Christian Music" through "Say No More". I consider myself one of the lucky ones that was able to see Badfinger in 1973, with all original band members. I saw them in Dayton, Ohio at Hara Arena. They opened up for the Guess Who, but believe me, I went to see Badfinger.

Being 25 years ago and being a star-struck teenager, it's hard to remember everything about the show, But Pete's songs stick out the most. They opened up with "Baby Blue". I remember how blown away I was when Tommy hit all those high notes in "Take It All", and of course there was "Day After Day". I do remember they closed with "Long Tall Sally", a strong Beatle connection there for sure.

Shocked for sure when Pete died. I didn't know Tommy died until I read the liner notes in "Best of Badfinger Volume 2". They were really underrated. I miss them to this day.

Jimmy W.

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