March 1, 1974 (Friday)
Painter's Mill Music Theatre
Owings Mills, Maryland, U.S.A.

The high-water mark of my acquaintance with Badfinger happened in March 1974. By 1974, with such a delay in receiving new music, it sure was good to have a wide selection, with the albums "Ass" and "Badfinger" released close together. From a marketing perspective, it wasn't good, and today, we know why that happened: bad management. At the time, I was just ecstatic at having so much new music available from my favorite group, after waiting so long!

I reached them on the road by long distance telephone before they arrived in Baltimore for their show at Painter's Mill on March 1. They placed me on their guest list. I was instructed to call a certain office to request the number of passes I desired. The day of the show, I claimed two passes at the hall's offices. Unlike two years earlier, I was able to drive myself over to the show, remembering the route that my dad had taken in 1972. It was a reunion, seeing Fergie again, for the first time in a year. We talked with him a little as he set up and performed sound checks. As the guys' work got more involved, they left me and my friend Char sitting in the dressing room's reception area, reflecting on the difference that two years had made.

Badfinger arrived finally, and the place turned from quiet to noisy with the chatter of people. We said hello to Pete, Mike, Joey and Tom. With closer proximity this time, we met more of the entourage than before: Bill Collins, his then-wife, Toni; road manager Danny Aharoni; and Kathie Molland.

This time, my friend Char and I remained for both shows, and they both rocked. I remember how happy I felt when someone in the group announced from the stage that the show was being recorded for use on a live album. "It's about time!" I thought to myself. Years later, I learned that the Badfinger "Alive" [bootleg] CD set has part of that night's performance.

The sound quality is not as good as I remembered the live performance to be. But listening to the CD and hearing Perfection (for the first time in a live show), it made me remember how I tapped my foot and danced in the aisle that night. I remember the atmosphere, the energy and the enjoyment of the best time I ever had at a Badfinger show.

Debbie Randolph Harrison

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