March 15, 1974
North Penn High School/College
Lansdale, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

My first concert was Badfinger Live at the North Penn High School gym in Pennsylvania. This concert on CD [Cleveland Agora, "Day After Day"] is from the same year.

When I showed up, I sat in the wood basketball gym seats with everyone else. In the center of the basketball court was Badfinger on a small raised platform. They all were sitting on stools in a semi-circle in front of the drummer. The air was heavy with smoke and the band looked like they could hardly keep their balance sitting down. Then they started playing Traffic and Eric Clapton [actually Dave Mason, who was previously a member of Traffic --Tom Brennan] covers. It was the damnest thing I've ever seen. Here this band was all over the radio sounding like the second coming of the Beatles, and here captured live is a gritty raw rock band singing these beautiful pop songs with naked emotion. WOW. I was 15 and I'll never forget it.

B. Biemer

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