March 28, 1974
Stratfield Motor Inn
Bridgeport, Connecticut, U.S.A.

I was there and what a great show it was! I have a few slides and a great picture of Pete with his SG guitar and a ticket stub ($5.50, hard to believe)!, newspaper advertisement for gig featuring 10cc -- they never showed but a local Bridgeport Band "Mixed Nuts" opened the show.

You are gonna cry when you read this. I had recorded the entire show on a portable cassette player and got to meet the band after the gig, and talked with Pete for a while. All recorded, right? A few years later, the tapes were stolen including Pete's interview which I had transcribed. Sad to say, the concert never surfaced on bootleg. For years I've wondered who has these tapes (a few suspects - but nothing), and how priceless these recordings where to me. Aw, the memories are so vivid; it's as though the gig was yesterday.

Arthur Thornton

I caught them in Bridgeport in 1974 at the Stratfield Hotel Ballroom. The opening band was supposed to be 10CC, but they canceled and were replaced by a local group called the "Mixed Nuts".

Lew Bundles

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