June 30, 1979 (Saturday)
Roxy Theater
West Hollywood, California, U.S.A.

I saw the band at The Roxy in Hollywood during the Airwaves tour in the '70s. I remember the drummer was a bizarre looking fellow, but I never caught his name. Incidentally, Joey was VERY drunk during the concert and was continuously badmouthing Pete Ham. In short, Joey was a MAJOR disappointment. Tom was great, though.

Robert Grogan

I saw a later Badfinger version, with Tom, Joey, Tony Kaye (ex-Yes keyboards) and a drummer whose name I can't remember. This was at the Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles, after the Airwaves album. I actually have a tape of this and the show was very good. They played most of the Airwaves songs, a few from the original lineup, and a couple of Beatles
songs too. The review of the show, in the Times, I think, said they played the songs twice as fast and three times as loud as on the Airwaves album. This was true, and it was a great, rocking show.

Steve Sage

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