December 08, 1981
Brassy's Night Club
Cocoa Beach, Florida, U.S.A.

This was a monumental night for me for many reasons. I was going to college at Daytona Beach and had learned enough about Badfinger that I absolutely could not miss this show. I convinced my roommate's sister Yookie to go with me. She was reluctant but agreed after I played certain parts of Straight Up. She also agreed to get the autographs of Joey, Joe and Larry that you see on the poster.

I had a partial audio tape recording of the show but I think it was stolen from my car the following year. I spoke with both Joey and Joe Tansin after the show, and even a roadie (Tag, I think) about random things. I asked Joey where Pete was and was devastated to hear him say that he was dead.
Regardless, I was on my upward climb of all things Badfinger and was particularly in love with Joey's "Once Again (A Love Song)" and Joe's "Like A Rollercoaster" which I had recorded. I need to go through my many tapes to confirm that it was lost.

Russ Roth (2017)

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