July 5, 1982 (Monday)
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

My own personal encounter with Badfinger in Milwaukee happened on July 2, 1982. My band was playing at a club in Hales Corners called “Craig’s” after one of our sets I was coming off stage and our booking agent from Epicenter Talent Agency asked if I wanted to meet Badfinger and that they were down in our dressing room. My jaw dropped and I told him, "Yes, of course!" I made a beeline down to the dressing room and there was Tom Evans, Bob Jackson and Adam. I was told Mike was at Summerfest (a local summer music festival) "looking for some birds." I gushed over how pleased I was to meet them as I was a big fan. I told them I had all the albums some of which I acquired for 99 cents from cut-out bins. Probably not the most tactful thing to say but I was excited and nervous. I didn’t know Bob however but he was very friendly and explained he had played with Badfinger in the later days and that he was in another band called The Dodgers.

We all made our way back up to the club and Tom and Bob sat at a table and watched our last set and remained until we finished. I went back over to talk some more and Tom actually shared his beer with me as I came straight off-stage and didn’t have anything to drink. I can’t remember half the things we talked about but I told him it was ashamed that the Badfinger royalties were still tied up and Tom told me he was bummed about that as well. Tom told me he like how my band sounded and that he might have some of his songs he would like to share with us to play. I said absolutely!! He then asked for a pen which we scrounged up but had no paper so he wrote his name, address and phone number on a cocktail napkin which I still have. It was his address in England though and I later kicked myself for not getting a local contact number for him. Our conversation finally ended when the waitress told them they would have to leave as it was after closing time and they couldn’t stay. I was thinking jeez she has no idea who these guys are.

Jaime Muntner
(2004, updated August 15, 2010)

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