July 17, 1982 (Saturday)
Little Switzerland Ski Hill
Slinger, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

When I caught wind that some sort of Badfinger line-up was to play Little Switzerland Ski Hill northwest of Milwaukee, WI in 1982, I immediately phoned my uncle and we proceeded to pile up an assortment of speeding tickets on the way to Slinger, WI. What a show! What a pathetic lack of people there to enjoy it!!! Mike, yes Mike, was on drums, and I got to meet Tom and enjoy a fine malted beverage or two with him while he explained his then-current lament with Apple and Paul "Ebony And Ivory" or "Ivory Sells Ebony All The Beatles Songs" McCartney and Yoko "Kiss Kiss Kiss NOT!!!!!!" Ono.

Mike K. (Green Bay, WI) [from "No Matter What" issue #7]

I had the opportunity to see Tommy and Mike perform at a summer festival at a ski hill in Slinger, WI in 1982. After the final performance, I was able to exchange a few words with Tommy backstage and shake hands with him after a super, although under-attended show.

Mike (Columbus, WI) [from "No Matter What" Volume 1 #3]

I think Mike (Gibbins) will back me up on this but during our set it seems there was a couple "doing it" way up on a hill behind the audience. Finally most of the crowd noticed and the authorities made there way up to break them apart. What a laugh; a bright spot amongst all the turmoil.

Adam Allen (lead guitarist for Badfinger, 1982)

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