October 23, 1982 (Saturday)
The Brat Shop
Lake Geneva/Kenosha, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

I saw them, Badfinger, Tom, Mike, Bob and Donnie Dacus, Reed Kailing, in Wisconsin in 1982, at a place called The Brat Shop, a combo cheese shop and bar!? It is located between Lake Geneva, and Kenosha. When I saw your list, I went digging through my stuff and found the pictures I took from that show. I took four 5x7 pictures of them with a pocket 110 (camera), if you can remember those cameras!

It was a great show, I remember. They sounded so good. I remember they did did Come And Get It, I Won't Forget You, Baby Blue, among others. Tom was great and posed for me when I took the pics. There must of only been 50 people there! I remember we met Mike sitting at the bar before the show. My friend recognized him and we went to talk to him. I was too shy to talk much. I remember my friend talking to him about many things, and how Mike said he was embarassed to play here ("So small and dumpy place"). What a great time it was.

Dave Schulz

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