November 23, 1982
The Arcade
Ithaca, New York, U.S.A.

I saw Badfinger in Ithaca, NY at a club called The Arcade on November 23, 1982. The show started at 9 PM and the opening band was Visitor, tickets were $5 in advance, $6 at the door. The set was the standard set from that time and there were no surprises. I was a bit overwhelmed as I was 15 (my dad had to take me into the club!) and I was quite into the band at the time (as only a 15 year old at his second or third rock show could be), so I don't remember too many details. One of my friends dad, Bobby Comstock (early sixties rocker whose song "Let's Stomp" was covered by a lot of the Mersey Beat groups) was working for the band as a roadie (I'm not sure if it was just this show, or the whole tour) and he got me "backstage" to meet the band. Once I was ushered into the dressing room, Tom motioned for me to join him where he was sitting, and I sat next to him on the edge of some guitar cases. He appeared to be pretty loaded, but he signed my copy of Magic Christian Music "Rock on Steve" and so I thanked him and left.

Stefan (Steve) Granados

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