November, 1982
Blues Bouquet bar
Boise, Idaho, U.S.A.

I saw Badfinger live at the Blues Bouquet bar in 1982 in Boise, Idaho. I believe that it was November, but my recollection isn't clear and I failed to write it down. I thought that I was watching Joey Molland and Tom Evans, but now realize that this couldn't have been the case. I can't find any documentation for Tom's or Joey's Badfinger lineups playing Boise. I have (buried somewhere, stored in a different town - with luck the people haven't thrown my stack of posters away) an autographed poster that I thought had Joey's and Tom's autographs on it, but that's nowhere to be found. I was sure that Tom Evans was playing, and wonder if I assumed that Bob Jackson was Molland. I hadn't seen current pictures of them, and in the bar lighting, with the various colors used on the stage, confusion could easily have occurred.

I remember loving the concert. They played a fair amount of material from "Say No More" which I purchased when it was first released. I'm sure that they played "No More" and it seemed that they played "Crocodillo". Both of these were two of my favorite cuts from the album. I was quite pleased with "Say No More" . After "Airwaves" I was a bit disappointed, and the rock sound of "Say No More" was a welcome change. The guitar leads blazed and the band was very tight. My roommate kept yelling for them to do "No Dice", but they didn't do that song. I'm really disappointed that I didn't write down the set list or any thoughts at the time. It's still one of my favorite concerts, though.

Joe Jacoby

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