September 19-20, 1983 (Monday-Tuesday)
Minersville, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

I was at the Badfinger show in Minersville, PA in 1983. It took place at a little dive bar called Sandy's (now defunct) on Sunbury Street (the main street). I always knew it was in Aug. or Sept. but I remember it was very hot out. There were no more than 50-75 people there, but that packed the place. I remember Tom stood out with the rich black hair. They did all of the hits and one thing I always remember; in the middle of their set, they did The Beatles' “Birthday” for some girl in the audience’s birthday. They did it in its entirety and played it flawlessly, with Tom singing lead. The other thing I remember; less than a year later, Tony Kaye would leap to worldwide fame with the 90125 Yes LP, but that night he was slummin’ it in Minersville. You never know! One guy from here going off to great heights, another guy (Tom) sinking into eternal despair.

Frank Burock
(June 19, 2013)

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