September 24, 1983 (Saturday)
Bridgeport, Connecticut, U.S.A.

Oh my God! The memories are as clear as if they happened yesterday. I remember getting the word from Arthur Thornton, who was the other guitar player in our band, Prisoner. He was in contact with Badfinger's manager and he gave us the chance to back up Badfinger that night in Bridgeport, CT in 1983. There was another band already backing them up called Mirage from Milwaukee, WI and when we got there to set our gear up, we were told by the drummer and guitar player that the stage belonged to them and that our space was very limited. We did not mind. We were just thrilled to be there and play, plus we brought in over 100 people that night and the place was rocking. We ended up blowing Mirage off the stage and we were the first band to play that night. After the show, we just talked to Tom and Tony about music mostly and the fact that we covered quite a few of their songs over the years. We had a slow drink at the bar and they went on their way. It was the best experience of my life to be able to play that gig and was very saddened to hear what happened on November 19th of 1983, which was also my grandmother's birthday.

Mark H. (Dec. 14, 2008)

I saw Badfinger in Bridgeport, CT in 1983. What I remember most is that for most of the songs Tommy was really into it, bopping, laughing, and smiling. When they did "I Won't Forget You," Bob Jackson's tribute song to Pete Ham, Tommy put aside the fun and was really serious. I'll never forget the look on his face when he was singing his vocal parts onstage. He was solemn and looked like he was going to cry. He was totally absorbed. After that, he was back to having fun and rockin' out.

George Bell (2004)

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