The Beatles
iTunes cover art
by Tom Brennan

Please Please Me (mono)
Please Please Me (stereo)
With The Beatles (mono)
With The Beatles (stereo)
A Hard Day's Night (mono)
A Hard Day's Night (stereo)
Beatles For Sale (mono)
Beatles For Sale (stereo)
Help! (mono)
Help! (stereo)
Rubber Soul (mono)
Rubber Soul (stereo)
Revolver (mono)
Revolver (stereo)
Sgt. Pepper (mono)
Sgt. Pepper (stereo)
Magical Mystery Tour (mono)
Magical Mystery Tour (stereo)
White Album (The Beatles in black lettering)
White Album (stereo)
see "Mono Masters" CD for mono Yellow Submarine tracks
Yellow Submarine soundtrack
The Beatles Mono Masters
Past Masters (2009)
there is no mono Abbey Road
Abbey Road (2009)
there is no mono Let It Be
Let It Be (2009)

Note: The original U.K. cover for the mono White Album has raised white lettering for the front cover title of "The BEATLES", therefore, it cannot be reproduced by scanning. As an alternative, another version of the cover with the title in black lettering has been included.