March 4, 1969
Odeon Theatre
Glasgow, Scotland, U.K.

I was a big fan of The Iveys from when they played this date. They were bottom of the bill on a Gene Pitney tour. I only went along because my friend was such a big fan of Gene Pitney. They played first and sang the songs Birthday and Maybe Tomorrow. It was a long time ago, but I think they may have played And Her Daddy's A Millionaire too. After the concert, we left early to go 'round to the stage door; the guys were coming out, and we chatted to them for a while, asked if they were likely to be in Scotland again soon. They were not sure at the time. A fan club had just been set up and they told us that was the best way to get info. I have one photo of Tom taken at that time, he later autographed this for me. We joined the fan club, I was member number 5. For the next year I met them quite regularly, at different venues on this tour.

Geri McGuckin

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