March 16, 1969
Top Rank Suite
Plymouth, England, U.K.

I was seeing a guy called Dave Duffield in 1968-1970 who worked for Arthur Howes the promoter and I met him in Plymouth when he was orchestrating the tour with the Showstoppers ("Ain't Nothing Like A Houseparty" being #1 at the time). I used to come to London on a regular basis and stay with him in his flat in Golders Green - he shared the house with the guys from Badfinger and their various girlfriends. I only remember one was called Gaynor and they were all Welsh! They came down to Plymouth to play on March 16, 1969, and as I knew them quite well by then, we got together after the show for a few hours. Pete took my phone number and phoned me several times after (he disliked Dave intensely, I don't know why), and discussed writing new songs amongst other things. I often think of them (especially Pete). Dave Duffield did the Stevie Wonder, Foundations and Flirtations tour when I was with him.

Also, they (Top Rank Suite) only ever advertised in the local paper and there were no concert tickets. They (The Iveys) actually just played to the audience of dancers and were supporting the local band Harry Pook and his Orchestra!!

All I can say about the guys when I knew them is that they were just normal, happy, talented people who enjoyed life and showed no signs of problems of any kind. They were very close and I never saw them argue.

Sally (2007)

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