July 11, 1969
Parochic Huis
Hellendoorn, The Netherlands (Holland)

At the time, I was 13 years old. My family had lived in the USA, in Los Angeles/Culver City, CA, and returned to the Netherlands. This particular summer, I was staying with my Godmother & Godfather and their children. One of the sons, Peter, his girlfriend, and friends, went to the Parochic Huis many times when there was a band. I went with him and his friends a number of times. One very known band I missed, because I was ill from hay fever at the time, was no other than The New Yardbirds a.k.a. Led Zeppelin, when they still had to fulfill some dates booked under the name Yardbirds. The line-up was, as far as I know, the Led Zeppelin line-up! I missed this grand concert, and it still makes me ill just to think of it. Peter and his friends did manage to meet the band members and have a talk with them, and some drinks, but this is enough of The Yardbirds/Led Zeppelin, OK?

The day The Iveys were to play, we, Peter and some of his friends, and me, went to the Parochic Huis to meet the band. There was a van which belonged to the band. We went into the building, and we went to the owner, and Peter and he did some talking, while the roadies and the band were unloading the van. We asked if we could lend them a hand, and they said that it would be very appreciated. So, we all helped them unload the van. When that was all done, the roadies went and set up the gear. One elderly man [Bill Collins] was very nice. He was the first grey-haired man I ever saw with long hair! He was a very nice man, and talkative. After most of the gear was set up, we all went down to the dressing room, underneath the main stage. There, we helped bring some small items into the room. Then, the owner of the place offered us all something to drink, so we all took a place at the tables with chairs and waited until the owner came back. Before we knew it, he was in the room with a tray of soft drinks. From then on, we talked a bit and drank the soft drinks. After some 15-20 mins, we had to go because the band had to finish setting up their gear and the whole works (soundcheck, etc.) So, we said, "till tonight, then." And off we went, home.

At that event, when we went back to the Huis, there was a mass of a crowd waiting outside! We were lucky, of course, because we already had our tickets. So, we had no problem getting in. That night, it was a full house. The band was not seen anywhere, then, it was time for the supporting act, which was a Dutch comedian named Andre van Duin. He had become a very huge comedian here, and still is. After Andre van Duin ended his show, The Iveys were introduced to the massive crowd. Everybody was going mad of course, even me! And then, they played their first set. They even played some Beatles songs, I quickly noticed, which were played excellently, but, still in the spirit of The Iveys, of course! After about an hour or so, they had their first break. And so, we all went to them when they were at the bar and asked them for their autographs which they friendly signed on the cards they were giving out to the public. So, I even had mine autographed and still have it in excellent condition. They had about a 20 minute break before they did a second set. Then, they did their second set, playing their hits, which naturally, made the crowd go wild, even me! The crowd loved their playing, and did not seem to get enough of them. Before we all knew it, it was the last couple of songs! And then, they walked off the stage and down into the dressing room. The crowd was still going mad, and wanted more! And so, the band came back from underneath the stage floor and gave us a couple of encores! And this, made the crowd go even more crazy! I think they came back two times, before they ended the whole show, and then the crowd left the Huis.

We did stay for awhile until all the people were out of the building. And then, we went to the band and talked a bit, and told them they gave a GREAT show, and said goodbye to each other. They even thanked us for helping them out that afternoon, which was, of course, an honor for us all. We waved back to them and them at us, and we were on our way home. Maybe Tomorrow is still and will always be my favorite number...of all time! I played that single until it turned grey, and was not playable anymore!

Edward Bouma (2007)

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