The Iveys concerts
compiled by Tom Brennan with assistance from Dan Matovina

information on this page is from the Keith James' fanzines Badfinger Live, The Iveys File #1, #2, #3, and Badfinger File #11
and Dan Matovina's biography, Without You-The Tragic Story of Badfinger

Special thanks to Ron Griffiths, Alwyne Jenkins, Marilyn Jones
and Bill Collins for the review of his diaries
Research by Keith James, Dan Matovina and Kent Gray
ad & article restorations by Tom Brennan
Contributions by: Geri McGuckin, Edward Bouma, and William Howells.
last revised: February 13, 2014

New dates posted:
The Black Lion Hotel, Cardigan on April 9, 1966 posted February 13, 2014

New items posted
concert ad from April 9, 1966
posted February 13, 2014
Bill Collins letter to Alf at The Cavern from July 8, 1969 posted July 6, 2013
Bill Collins letter to Alf at The Cavern from July, 1968 posted June 3, 2013
Bill Collins letter to Alf at The Cavern from June 7, 1968 posted June 3, 2013
Alexandra Palace programme cover & Iveys page from December 31, 1968 posted June 3, 2013
concert poster from August 29, 1966 posted January 27, 2013
ticket stub from February 7, 1969 posted July 2, 2012

New concert memories:
July 11, 1969 (Holland) from Edward Bouma
posted July 9, 2009

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