Badfinger Origins:
The Iveys Anthology, Vol. 1
Live at The Empire: June 7, 1966
Neath, S. Wales

by The Iveys
compiled by Tom Brennan
last update: August 03, 2017

The Iveys Origins Live 1966

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The Iveys Anthology, Vol. 1
recorded June 7, 1966
at Empire Ballroom, Neath, South Wales

Track listing...
Somebody Help Me (Jackie Edwards) vocals: Ron & Dave
My Babe (Bill Medley, Bob Hatfield) vocals: Dave & Ron [introduced by Pete]
Young Blood (Jerry Leiber, Doc Pomus, Mike Stoller) vocals: Pete (+Ron & Dave) [introduced by Pete]
Love Hurts (Boudleaux Bryant) vocal: Ron [introduced by Ron]
Buzz With The Fuzz (John Deighton, Albert Lee, Ricky Charman) vocal: Ron [introduced by Ron]
Hey Girl
(Ronnie Lane, Steve Marriott) vocals: Dave (+Ron & Pete) [introduced by Ron]
Crocodile Walk
(John Mayall) vocal: Dave [introduced by Pete]
Crawling Up A Hill
(John Mayall) vocal: Ron [introduced by Pete]
Daddy Rollin' Stone
(Otis Blackwell) vocals: Ron (+Dave & Pete) [introduced by Pete]
The Fool
(Naomi Ford, Lee Hazlewood) vocal: Ron [introduced by Ron]
Tell Me What You're Gonna Do
(James Brown) vocal: Ron [introduced by Pete]
Stupidity (Solomon Burke) vocals: Pete (+Ron & Dave) [introduced by Pete]
It's All Right (Curtis Mayfield) vocals: Pete, Ron & Dave [introduced by Pete]
I'll Go Crazy (James Brown) vocal: Ron (+Dave & Pete) [introduced by Pete]
Sittin' On My Sofa [as Sittin' On My Sad Side] (Ray Davies) vocal: Dave (+Ron & Pete) [introduced by Ron]
(Donald Covay, Steve Cropper) vocal: Dave (+Ron & Pete) [introduced by Ron]
I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself (Burt Bacharach, Hal David) vocal: Ron [introduced by Ron]
Keep A-Drivin
' (Chuck Willis) vocal: Dave (+Ron & Pete) [introduced by Pete]
Everything Is Gonna Be Alright (Willie Mitchell) vocals: Pete (+Ron & Dave) [introduced by Pete]
What Kind Of Boy (Big Dee Irwin) vocal: Dave (+Ron & Pete) [introduced by Pete]
Keep On Running (Jackie Edwards) vocals: Ron (+Dave & Pete) [introduced by Ron]

The Iveys
Ron Griffiths (age 19): bass guitar, vocal, stage announcements
Pete Ham (age 19): lead guitar, vocal, stage announcements
Dave Jenkins (age 20): rhythm guitar, vocal
Mike Gibbins (age 17): drums

Restoration, editing and mastering by Dan Matovina
Additional editing and restoration by Kevin McElligott
Research by Tom Brennan
Additional info courtesy of Ron Griffiths

The Iveys were first discovered by Mojos' manager Bill Collins while performing in Ammanford on March 1, 1966. *"Collins eventually travelled back to Wales to tape these performances at a workingmen's club in Neath on June the 7th. He placed a mic directly in front of the P.A. and -- despite a gravely unbalanced recording -- was able to capture the essence of their act, which at the time was heavily rhythm & blues oriented. The Iveys were being closely studied, and though the band was intrigued, they were still dubious..."

The collection of songs in The Iveys' set at this time was a mix of American Rhythm & Blues and Soul music combined with contemporary songs from the British music scene. The boys were heavily influenced by R&B based British groups such as: The Spencer Davis Group (Somebody Help Me, Keep On Running, My Babe), The Who (Daddy Rollin' Stone), Chris Farlowe (Buzz With The Fuzz [with The Thunderbirds], The Fool), The Moody Blues (I'll Go Crazy), The Hollies (What Kind Of Boy), John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers (Crocodile Walk, Crawling Up A Hill), The Small Faces (Hey Girl), The Graham Bond Organisation (Keep A-Drivin'), Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders (Young Blood), and The Kinks (Sittin' On My Sofa). Absent for the time are covers by The Beatles and other Mersey Beat groups, although The Iveys' cover of Love Hurts was copied from a live arrangement by The Merseybeats the boys heard as a support group at The Ritz in Skewen, near Swansea. On the American side, the R&B influences were James Brown and his Famous Flames (Tell Me What You're Gonna Do), Don Covay and The Goodtimers (See-Saw), The Impressions (It's All Right), Solomon Burke (Stupidity), and Willie Mitchell (Everything Is Gonna Be Alright).

Generally speaking, The Iveys would follow song arrangements by the original artists, however they made some exceptions by imitating other interpretations by some of their favorite artists from the mid 1960s. Although My Babe is known as a Righteous Brothers song, The Iveys based their version on the cover version that leads-off the debut album by the Spencer Davis Group from 1965. For the Coasters' classic song Young Blood, the boys decided to follow a more contemporary arrangement released in 1964 by Wayne Fontana and The Mindbenders, or as Pete Ham would call them in his introduction, Wayne Bender and the Mindfontanas! Although familiar with Dusty Springfield's hit version of I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself, Ron Griffiths was inspired by Chris Farlowe's solo version from his album of cover songs titled "14 Things To Think About" from 1966. Being huge Who fans, Ron Griffiths recalls interpreting several James Brown songs in the style The Iveys thought The Who might have played them even though The Who may have never performed them. The most unusual track from this live recording was The Iveys' interpretation of a Kinks B-side. Somehow, David Jenkins mis-heard the song Sittin' On My Sofa somewhere and thought The Kinks were singing "Sittin' On My Sad Side," so that's the way it ended up being performed live!

Essay by Tom Brennan

*Quote in italics from Dan Matovina's Badfinger biography, "Without You - The Tragic Story of Badfinger."

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