Come And Get It
(by The Iveys/Badfinger)
compiled by Tom Brennan
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NME November 1, 1969 Come And Get It

Shown above is the very first announcement for the "Come And Get It" single release by The Iveys (misspelled as The Ivies) in New Musical Express, dated November 1, 1969. Note the earlier release date of November 28.

Ivies to Badfinger NME
Shown above is the announcement for the group's name change from The Iveys (still misspelled as The Ivies) to Badfinger in New Musical Express, dated November 22, 1969.
The change in the group's name ended up delaying the release date of "Come And Get It" by one week to December 5, 1969

first Badfinger ad ever
The very first ad for Badfinger in New Musical Express, dated November 29, 1969. It appeared three times in this same issue of the NME. Note the unique image with the bandage wrapped around the finger.
thanks to Dan Matovina

Come And Get It (U.K.) Apple 20 promo poster
original size measures 16 1/4" x 22 1/2"
This ad appeared in the December 6, 1969 issue of the NME

Come And Get It by Badfinger (U.S. ad, Billboard Magazine)
This American ad appeared in Billboard magazine

Ringo, Paul help boost new group
Shown above is an early review from the New Musical Express, dated December 13, 1969 which uses The Beatles connection to help promote the single.

Badfinger, Mal and Pat
A 1970 Melody Maker photo promoting "Come And Get It"

Record Mirror
December 1969
BADFINGER: “Come And Get It” review
Unknown (Chart chance)

Written by Paul McCartney for the film “Magic Christian,” which stars a Starr named Ringo. These are the Iveys of old and this is a commercial (Obviously!) stab which could get them into the charts. A drawling sort of group vocal with ponderous, insistent beat. But I’m not struck.

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