DISC & MUSIC ECHO (November 23, 1968) by Penny Valentine:
A new release from Apple is always looked forward to--mainly because they donít flood the market with rubbish--hurray! This is as good as you could wish--very gentle, very warm, super lead singer who sounds like McCartney and very, very pretty. It's not the old hit number but it floats away on strings. Winnie the Pooh, who wished he was a little cloud, would love it. That's what it makes you feel like.

Knowing what Apple has already achieved, we look to any newcomers on the label with interest. And the Iveys don't let us down. This is a pungent beat-ballad with a rather wistful lyric--in which the initial sadness eventually gives way to hope. Pleasant vocal blend, though I thought the soloist's exaggerated soul contributions were a little overdone. And the gorgeous stringy scoring is positively scintillating.

HERALD OF WALES (November 23, 1968):
Swansea's group men full of praise this week for The Iveys Apple release Maybe Tomorrow and we agreed with them. A first -class debut effort which we've put our shirts on for a chart entry.
Their tremendous vocal capacity has been given extra polish by fine arrangements from a string orchestra and no self-respecting Disc Jockey can afford not to include it in his show. A good melody is essential for the first record... The Iveys have got one. A good promotion campaign is also essential... The Iveys are enjoying one. We're going to hear a lot more of The Iveys. They're good - very good!

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