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the soundtrack album
The Magic Christian original soundtrack LP
Magic Christian sound track LP (back cover)
original U.S. soundtrack LP - Commonwealth United CU 6004, released February 11, 1970
promo LP labels: [U.S.A. side 1 | U.S.A. side 2]

original U.K. soundtrack LP - Pye NSPL 28133, released April 10, 1970

The Magic Christian original sound track LP (Spain)

original soundtrack LP from Spain - Commonwealth United

8-track tape
The Magic Christian-Original Sound Track (8-Track tape)
Commonwealth United Records

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Magic Christian trivia:
The soundtrack LP contains the single mix of "Rock Of All Ages" which is about 7 seconds longer & balanced differently than the version released on the "Magic Christian Music" album credited to Badfinger.
"Carry On Till Tomorrow" is listed as "Carry On To Tomorrow" [see side 1 label scan link above] on the soundtrack LP which is the actual lyric that is sung in the song.
The incidental score of the film was originally supposed to be composed by John Sebastian of The Lovin' Spoonful - it ended up being composed by Ken Thorne who composed the score for The Beatles' "Help!" film.
Songs for the soundtrack LP were originally supposed to be written by Denny Laine (soon to be guitarist for Paul McCartney in 1971) and Trevor Burton of The Move - The Iveys/Badfinger and Thunderclap Newman ended up doing most of the songs. [see article from the NME, dated September 27, 1969 below for more details - click on picture for larger version]

promo single
by The Magic Christians

Monument C-3006

December 15, 1969

The Best From Badfinger EP
Side 1: Come And Get It/Carry On Till Tomorrow
Side 2: Rock Of Ages/Something In The Air
[by Thunderclap Newman]



The Best From Badfinger EP PS back (Thailand)

The Best From Badfinger EP side 1 (Thailand)

The Magic Christian EP
Side 1: Come And Get It/Carry On To Tomorrow
Side 2: Rock Of Ages/Something In The Air
[track music]



The Magic Christian EP (Thailand) PS front

The Magic Christian EP PS back (Thailand)

The Magic Christian EP side 1 label (Thailand)

the film
YouTube clips [Come And Get It sequences | Carry On Till Tomorrow sequence | Rock Of All Ages sequence]
movie posters [photos with gold background | "Anti" theme with characters] thanks to
promo book for the film [cover | inner layout] thanks to Dan Matovina
press conference photo

DVD Release
Magic Christian DVD cover, January 21, 2003
The DVD was first released on Jan. 21, 2003
Unfortunately, Badfinger is not credited anywhere on the DVD packaging.
There is no bonus material, and the soundtrack hasn't been remixed. The only real improvement here is that the picture quality has been improved.
Prior to the DVD release, the VHS tape was issued on Apr. 15, 1997 [alternate video cover based on movie poster]

the book (by Terry Southern)
1st edition (1959) | early edition | 3rd edition (1970)
| most recent paperback edition (June 11, 1996)

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