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This is the latest recording from The Fortunes. Recorded in the traditional way with real instruments and a more live feel in July of 2008 at Grammy Award winning producer, Roger Lomas's studio in Coventry. The Fortunes re-recorded all their hits, including some which were very successful over in mainland Europe. Bob Jackson sings two of Badfinger's biggest songs, "Without You" and "No Matter What". Also included on the CD are some classic interpretations of some Burt Bacharach songs and Eddie's stunning version of The Walker Brothers, "The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Any More".
Walk On by The Fortunes, 2008
01. The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore
02. Here It Comes Again
03. Walk On By
04. Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again
05. You've Got Your Troubles
06. Here Comes The Sun
07. You're My World
08. Storm In A Teacup
09. Dance With Me
10. Seasons In The Sun
11. Freedom Come, Freedom Go
12. Without You
13. Caroline/This Golden Ring
14. When I Need You
15. No Matter What
16. I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself

from The Fortunes website, March 8, 2009

Bob Jackson performed a solo concert of Badfinger classics and some new material from a solo project he's currently recording at the British Badfinger Convention at The Dragon Hotel in Swansea, South Wales on May 13, 2006. Bob Jackson demonstrated his versatility musically as well as vocally by performing solo versions of various Badfinger classics on keyboards, acoustic guitar, and electric guitar. Aside from a little nervousness and some technical glitches, the performance went off very well, with a standing ovation from the assembled fans and family members. Sound excerpts from the concert can be found on Dan Matovina's convention report.

Bob Jackson solo concert, set list:
01. No Matter What [electric guitar]
02. Day After Day [piano]
03. If You Were Here* (tribute to Tommy Evans) [acoustic guitar]
04. Moonshine [piano]
05. Name Of The Game [piano] {Bob talked about how he thought Pete Ham's lyrics for this song were cryptic}
06. Dennis [piano]
07. Carry On Till Tomorrow [acoustic guitar] {started off in too high a key, then restarted in the proper key}
08. Shine On [acoustic guitar] {the ending of this one was tricky - Bob said, "Hold on, rewind", and then he pulled off the ending guitar lick on his 2nd attempt}
09. Positive Thinking* [piano]
10. Baby Blue [electric guitar] {no guitar solo was played - rhythm only}
11. The Boys Down In New Orleans* [piano] {Bob mentioned Hurricane Katrina and his hope that New Orleans would recover; song influenced by Professor Longhair and Dr. John}
* These 3 songs are due to be released on Bob Jackson's upcoming solo CD release

"Won't Forget You" was planned but not performed due to time limitations. The show started late due to problems setting up the keyboard effects and getting the guitars in tune.
Bob did not rehearse any Dodgers songs for this performance. "To Say Goodbye" was also rehearsed but not performed.

12. Come And Get It [piano + Ron Griffiths-vocal]
For the last song, Bob said that Ron Griffiths should be up here playing. He called Ron out of the audience to perform on "Come And Get It." Unfortunately, he didn't bring a bass guitar and efforts to find him one all day failed. So, without any instrument, Ron introduced the song by telling the story about how Paul McCartney had all the members of The Iveys audition to be the lead singer on "Come And Get It". Tom ended up the winner of course, with Ron being rejected for sounding like Reg Presley of The Troggs! Ron did an excellent job singing with Bob, even playing air-bass at various points during the song! And of course, Ron got the audience to sing along, especially on the "Sonny" parts. After the performance, the audience demanded more but unfortunately there was no more time left on the reservation of the room.

A Live DVD of The Fortunes' 2005 European Tour is now available including Bob Jackson's lead vocals on the Badfinger classics, "Without You" and "No Matter What".

by Bob Jackson
Later on this week, I will be digitally challenged [some would say that I already am]. Having mutated over recent months, I now have some sympathy with the Elephant Man...I have a solo theatre appearance at the hospital to remove a growth on my finger of dubious origin. I suppose that the Lump will be thrilled to be rid of me and may even carve out a career of it's own, playing to packed houses. I wish it well...As for myelf, I hope that the band will learn to manage without those 11 finger chords that I was once capable of. Certainly, from now on 'Bob of Badfinger' will take on a whole new meaning.....Hey ho!!
from The Fortunes website, May 5, 2001

Thanks to a tireless effort by Paul Hooper, who spent hours 'cleaning up' all the 'pops and whistles' you get on any live recording, and to Bob Jackson for his gallant pursuit of quality in the editing, we think we have captured 'the essence' of a Fortunes show. We have not filtered out any mistakes, 'duff notes' from the guitarist, or shouts of encouragement (or otherwise) from the audience! This is The Fortunes Live!! We hope you think our efforts have been worth the wishes, The Forts!

01. Intro/Drove All Night - Amsterdam, Holland
02. Here It Comes Again - Assembly Rooms, Derby
03. It's Over - Symphony Hall, Birmingham
04. Let There Be Music - Veendaam, Holland
05. No Matter What - Leisure Centre, Brentwood
06. In This Life - Fairfield Hall, Croydon
07. Storm In A Teacup - Cardiff
08. Without You - Cologne, Germany
09. Do You Wanna Dance - Butlins, Bognor Regis
10. Let It Be Me - N.E.C. Birmingham
11. We All Get Lucky Sometimes - The Dome, Brighton
12. Wings Of A Nightingale - City Hall, Sheffield
13. Rainy Day Feeling Again/Freedom Come Freedom Go - Gt. Yarmouth/Glasgow
14. From A Distance - Antwerp, Belgium
15. You've Got Your Troubles - Esbjerg, Denmark
16. Here It Comes Again - Den. Bosch, Holland
(Bonus Track with 2000 strong "Super Choir")

from The Fortunes website, May 5, 2001

Bob Jackson interview via e-mail by Jesper (introduction by Dan Matovina)
this link posted December 31, 1999, updated March 8, 2009

In March 1995, vocalist/keyboard/guitar player Bob Jackson was added to The Fortunes' ranks. Bob was no stranger to fame as he was previously a member of Badfinger when they were on the Warner Brothers label. During The Fortunes' set, apart from sharing vocal duties with Rod Allen, Bob leads the band through a tribute to his former group, including a version of the Ham/Evans-penned classic 'Without You', made famous by Nilsson, and more recently, Mariah Carey.

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