DISCOVERY (Bob Jackson)
[from The Pit & The Pendulum LP - recorded 1974 - released U.S. 1974]
[from The Pit & The Pendulum CD - recorded 1974 - released Japan 2009]

Take me away from all this madness
If the piper must be paid then I'll pay
I'm tired and cold and in this sad mess
I just can't go on another day,
If only I could fade away
But something tells me
The night has more to say

Through the haze, I see a well before me
That beckons me to enter within,
Just like a cat, you've got me cornered
It seems the hole's the only way to win
Awake me from this masquerade,
I'm trying hard
But God I'm so afraid

Now that the doing's done,
Now that you've had your fun
Let me say my last goodbye
But even as I speak
A stench of evil creeps
From deep within the blackened eye

Gotta run, gotta hide, gotta
Get you from inside my head
Gotta hide, gotta run, gotta
Get it done before I'm dead
Gonna scream, gonna shout, gonna
Get you from without my soul
I've seen the devils on the
Chamber walls
They're in the hole

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