Gary Walker & The Rain
compiled by Tom Brennan
last updated: May 19, 2007
photo thanks to Chris Walter and Dan Matovina

Gary Walker & The Rain (Paul Crane, Gary Leeds/Walker, John Lawson, Joey Molland)

sitting on tables & stools (with Japanese text)
Japanese text: (translation by Bryan Waller): Since the occasion when a typhoon came from England into the well, sparkling raindrops glisten. The Rain are cheerful Joey, relaxed John, and charming Paul. Gary and his three brothers are four men, each of whom has a personality in The Rain. Even the stage made good use of this individual personality. This is a better pose to strike in Kyoto Assembly Hall.

group picture in black turtlenecks

receiving gifts from their fans in Japan

acoustic guitars: Joey Molland | Paul Crane

Joey with tassel hanging from mouth

Gary Leeds in wicker chair surrounded by group

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