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Return To Memphis is Joey Molland's 4th solo album, released by the UK’s Gonzo Multimedia on December 2, 2003, although it actually didn't become available until February 5, 2014 (unless this second date is the modified track listing release date).

Gonzo Multimedia website's track listing Track listing on latest CD release (see above image)
01. Walk Out In The Rain 01. Walk Out In The Rain
02. Build A Ship To Mars 02. A Love Song
03. Only When It Rains 03. Ship To Mars
04. Got A Feeling 04. Frank And Me
05. Yesterday 05. Got A Feeling
06. All I Ever Dreamed 06. Hero
07. Hero 07. Is It Any Wonder
08. All I Need Is Love 08. All I Need Is Love
09. Is It Any Wonder 09. All I Ever Dreamed
10. Still I Love You 10. Still I Love You

Joey Molland: vocals, guitars
Lester Snell: keyboards, charts
Dave Smith: bass
Steve Potts: drums
Duanielle Hill, Tameka Goodman, Stephanie Bolton, Susan Marshall: backing vocals

All songs written by Joey Molland/© Joekat Music Inc. 2013 (ASCAP)
Produced by Carl "Blue" Wise

Return To Memphis CD label

Engineers: Lawrence "Boo" Mitchell and Kevin Houston
Mixed by: Carl "Blue" Wise and Lawrence "Boo" Mitchell
Mastered by: L. Nix Mastering - Memphis, Tennessee
Recorded at: Royal Studios - Memphis, Tennessee

Return To Memphis inside booklet (Joey's notes)

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