[from This Way Up CD - recorded 1998-2000 - released U.S. 2001]

Well she lies like a demon
Looks in your eyes
Dancing and laughing
Loosens your tie
She worries about you
A light in the dark
Convenient rainbow
Up for a lark
Well don't you believe it
Don't you be fooled
The girl's got your number
Welcome to school
Let it rock...

[piano solo]

Today must be Thursday
I'm out on the town
Down at the junction
Hanging around
No sign of the demon
Dolls are in gear
Brother's freewheeling
Bending an ear
The wives and the lovers
Dos and the don'ts
The wine and the roses
The new and the old
Let it rock...

[guitar & piano solo]

Well I woke up this morning
Wearing a hat
Can't seem to lose it
How 'bout that?
Maybe I'm crazy
Maybe a fool
Maybe I'm chasing
Maybe I'm cool
Life's like a river
Where's my canoe?
Why, it's right here beside me
Next to my shoes
Let it rock...

[piano solo]

So we're back to the demon
Holding her own
Smooth as a baby
Soft as a throne
Eyes are wide open
Heart made of stone
Arms like a spider
Mind like a phone
What's on the menu
Ear to the ground
Say, "do I know you,
Have I seen you around?"
Let it rock...

[guitar solo]...

lyrics from "This Way Up" CD booklet, corrected by Tom Brennan

℗ Joekat Music (ASCAP)