WHEN (Joey Molland)
[from Basil (demos old and new) CD - recorded 1980 - released U.S. 1998]

When my baby wants me, she don't have to try
She just has to touch me, just like a switch and I'm alive
Learning all my senses, burning down the fences

When my baby needs me, she don't have to cry
She just has to calm me, right away, I'm by her side
Finding all the answers, learrning all the dances

When I'm on a _ girl, come along and make it right
Anytime I'm around her love, it's another world outside, outside

[guitar solo]

When my baby'll let me, I'll be good in time
My baby love me, she don't have no designs
Loneliness, full motion, love's another ocean

℗ Joekat Music (ASCAP)