WEEP BABY (Pete Ham)
[from 7 Park Avenue CD - recorded 1967 - released U.S. 1997]
[from 7 Park Avenue remastered CD - recorded 1967 - released Japan 1999]
[from Keyhole Street: Demos 1966-67 CD - recorded 1967 - released U.S. 2013]

Weep baby, cryin' ain't wrong
Weep, weep baby, it won't be long
There's a man also weeping over letters he's keeping
And if he could
I know he would be here by your side again

Weep, weep baby, soon, he'll be home
Weep, weep baby, time will have flown
There's an old clock tower where you count every hour
Just waiting for that creaky door to bring him back home again

Weep, pretty baby, cryin' ain't wrong
It won't be long
It won't be long

lyrics transcribed by Dan Matovina
checked by Tom Brennan

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