Over You CD booklet photos (Tommy Evans from the former Badfinger)

Over You
(The Final Tracks)

Over You CD coverOver You CD back cover

Here is my impression of the OVER YOU (The Final Tracks) CD from Tommy Evans
by Ted Knapp
The tracks fall into three categories based on original instrumentation and posthumous overdubs:
Tom Evans - vocal and bass guitar
Rod Roach - guitars
Tom Compton - drums

1) Waited Too Long * (guitar and strings overdub)
2) I Don't Know Why
3) You And I
4) Baby You (harmonica and organ overdub)
5) The Rain (guitar overdub)
6) Lay Down (strings overdub)
Tom Evans - vocal and bass guitar
Rod Roach - guitars
John Robinson - drums

1) Love Inside You * (organ overdub)
2) If I Needed Someone (keyboard overdub)
3) Stolen Love
Tom Evans - vocal
Rod Roach - guitars

1) A Step To Heaven * (Paul Foss - drum overdub / keyboard and bass
Tom Evans - vocal and acoustic guitar

1) Over You (Rod Roach - guitar overdubs / Paul Foss - drum overdub /
synthesizer and bass overdub)
* perhaps Rod Roach added vocal harmonies to these tracks

Tommy Evans and Rod Roach, with Paul Foss on drums (with Rod's old band members, The Nashville Teens) in September, 1983Marianne letter (Over You)

Tom  & Stephen EvansStephen & Marianne Evans

Rod Roach holding flowers

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