Tom Evans
compiled by Tom Brennan
last revised: November 13, 2008

THE IVEYS (1967-1969)

Good Times Together (Tom Evans) [2:08] {August, 1967}
The Leaves (Tom Evans) [4:42] {acoustic guitar/piano composing fragments} {November, 1967-March, 1968}
Handsome Malcolm (Tom Evans) [2:19] {November, 1967-March, 1968}
Love Hurts (Everly Brothers) [0:36] {November, 1967-March, 1968}
Maybe Tomorrow (Tom Evans) {November, 1967-March, 1968}
Daddy's A Millionaire (Tom Evans) {1968}
Angelique (Tom Evans) [Regent Sound] {March, 1968}
No Escaping Your Love (Tom Evans) {March-July, 1968}
How Does It Feel (Tom Evans) [2:00] {performed by The Iveys}
Everybody Plays (Tom Evans)
She Came Out Of The Cold (Tom Evans) [2:42/2:17] {performed by The Iveys}
Fresh (Tom Evans) {November, 1967-March, 1968}
I'm Too Shy (Tom Evans) [2:46] {November, 1967-March, 1968} {performed by The Iveys}
I Feel Bad Today (Tom Evans) {November, 1967-March, 1968}
Dancing Girls (Tom Evans) {November, 1967-March, 1968}
You Gotta Be Listening Still (Tom Evans) {November, 1967-March, 1968}
Storm In A Teacup (Tom Evans)
Beautiful And Blue (Tom Evans)
Fisherman (Tom Evans)
Arthur (Tom Evans)
Crimson Ship (Tom Evans/Pete Ham)
Rock Of All Ages (Tom Evans/Pete Ham/Mike Gibbins)
Carry On Till Tomorrow (Tom Evans/Pete Ham) [4:26] {1969} [demo with Pete]
I Can't Live (Tom Evans) [1:28] {1969}

BADFINGER (1969-1974)

I Am Myself (Tom Evans) {April, 1970, no demo?}
Uncle C (Tom Evans) [1:24] {April 1970}
Believe Me (Tom Evans)
I Don't Mind (Tom Evans/Joey Molland)
Better Days (Tom Evans/Joey Molland)
Money (Tom Evans/Joey Molland)
Sing For The Song (Tom Evans)
No Good At All (Tom Evans)
It's Over (Tom Evans)
Blind Owl (Tom Evans) [2:29]
When I Say (Tom Evans)
Rock And Roll (Tom Evans)
Why Don't We Talk? (Tom Evans) {1973}
Where Do We Go From Here? (Tom Evans)
King Of The Load (Tom Evans)
Queen Of Darkness (Tom Evans) [2:14] {1974}
Love My Lady (a.k.a. Oh, Wow) (Tom Evans) {1973}
Passed Fast (Tom Evans/Bob Jackson)
Moonshine (Mike Gibbins/Tom Evans/Bob Jackson)
Mr. Manager (Tom Evans)
Rock 'N' Roll Contract (Tom Evans)


Get To You (Tom Evans/Bob Jackson) {1975}
I Believe In You (Tom Evans) [2:08] {performed by The Dodgers}
Come Out Fighting (Tom Evans) {1975}
Lost Inside Your Love (Tom Evans) [2:44/2:08] {1977}
Sail Away (Tom Evans) {1977}
Airwaves (Tom Evans)
Look Out California (Tom Evans) {January, 1968}
Hold On (Tom Evans/Joe Tansin) {1978}
Hovercraft (Tom Evans/Rod Roach) [0:18] {September, 1980}

Ultra-Bright (Tom Evans/Rod Roach) [0:56]
Just Juice (Tom Evans/Rod Roach) [0:56]
Come On (Tom Evans) [2:57]
Too Hung Up On You (Tom Evans) [3:30]
She's A Sinner (Crocadillo) (Tom Evans/Rod Roach) [2:58]
(Tom Evans/Rod Roach) [1:46]
Waited Too Long (Tom Evans/Rod Roach)
You And I (Tom Evans) [2:43]
Lay Down (Tom Evans)
I Don't Know Why (Tom Evans)
Baby You (Tom Evans) [4:03]
If I Needed Someone (Tom Evans) [3:08]
Stolen Love (Tom Evans) [3:34]
A Step To Heaven (Tom Evans) [4:28]
Love Inside You (Tom Evans) [3:43]
The Rain (Tom Evans)
Over You (Tom Evans) {August, 1983}

the unreleased song titles on this page are from Dan Matovina's biography, "Without You-The Tragic Story of Badfinger"

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