Waiting, waiting alone in the cold night

Maybe she'll come, but I'm not really sure

No, I'm not really sure at all

Thinking, maybe tonight was the wrong night

Said she'd be here but she's taking her time

Yes, she's taking her time to come

Could it be I've been too fast to say "hello"?

Did I come on far too strong?

When she said "yes", did she mean "no"?


Another time, another place

Another promise floating in the wind

If you don't want me 'round, baby don't lead me on

Give me a sign, I'll be gone

Another time, another place

We see each other in a different light

I'll be able to tell from that look in your eye

I know that I won't have to try

All night, lying alone with a small light

Casting the shadows around in my room

Thinking it will be morning soon

Hoping, hoping I'll see you tomorrow

Maybe you'll give me a wave or a smile

Make me think that it's all worthwhile

And I'll say "where did you get to yesterday?"

And you'll smile a little more

But there's a chance that you might say...

repeat CHORUS

[guitar solo]

repeat CHORUS

[guitar solo]

©1980 Copyright Control

lyrics transcribed by Tom Brennan